How to get to the PR2 car park at Saint-Exupéry Airport ?

Shuttle Lyon shared shuttle service, which runs between the city centre and Saint-Exupéry airport day and night, drops off and picks up passengers at the PR2 car park.
But where is this famous parking lot reserved for professionals?

The PR2 car park is a convenient drop-off point for both airport and Saint-Exupéry train station passengers, as it is located approximately halfway between the two transport hubs.
Getting to the PR2 is very easy, the car park is even a 5-minute walk from terminals T1 A & B as well as T2.

From terminal 1 B, just follow the signs to Gare Saint-Exupéry, the PR2 car park will then be on the right, next to the entrance of the P0, the airport’s covered car park. This is path number 1.

From terminal 1 A, the way to reach the PR2 car park is as follows: go towards the NH Hotel, located just opposite, and pass to the right of it in order to go along it and pass between the tip of the building and the access to the entrance to the underground car park P0. The PR2 car park will then be on the right as shown on path number 2.

It is also possible to reach the PR2 car park by using the connecting gallery between terminal 2 and the SNCF railway station, then by taking the branch on the left that leads down the stairs leading directly to the PR2 car park and the precise stop of the shuttle, as indicated on path number 3.

The PR2 car park is reserved for ordered services, so there may also be taxis or vtc lyon parked on this space. The meeting point for the shuttle is usually just below the stairs leading to the footbridge connecting the station to the terminals. Once in the car park, it is fairly easy to spot the shuttle bus. Users should ensure that they are present ten minutes before the shuttle’s announced departure, as the driver only waits a few minutes in the car park, in order to keep the shuttle running smoothly between Lyon city centre and its airport.