General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Navette Lyon

Navette Lyon is a commercial name operated by NAVETTE LYON registered at the Lyon RCS under the number 818 054 942 000 11. Headquartered at 10 Rue des Frères Louis et Emile Bertrand, 69200 Vénissieux, (hereinafter “Navette Lyon” or “the Carrier”), holder of transport licence 69-2016-092. Navette Lyon primarily offers a shared and privative transfer service for travellers between Lyon, Lyon’s airport, other cities of the Rhône-Alpes region and the ski resorts located in Savoie, Haute Savoie and Isère. The service can be used between two address designated by the customer as well, to a railway station, an airport or another city. The services offered by Navette Lyon are reserved for physical persons as well as legal entities, on behalf of their employees or representatives (hereinafter “the Customer(s)”). Navette Lyon does not accept reservations from unaccompanied minors.

Purpose of the service

These terms and conditions (hereinafter “the Contract”) are intended to define the terms and services offered by Navette Lyon. They are available on the website as well as on request from the Carrier at the coordinates indicated in the Contract. The Carrier reserves the right to modify the terms of the Agreement at any time. The applicable provisions will be those in force on the day of the booking confirmation. The Customer must be aware of these conditions before booking. By booking a transfer, the Customer acknowledges having read the Agreement and accepts its terms. Booking a transfer implies the Customer’s full and irrevocable adherence to the Contract, to the exclusion of all other documents, such as prospectus or catalogues, issued by the Carrier or one of its service providers and partners that have only an indicative value.

Booking procedure

Reservations can be made on internet or by mail. Bookings less than 12 (twelve) hours before to the scheduled transfer time can only be made via mail and are subject to availability of remaining seats. The confirmation (or summary sheet of the service) will be sent by email or, failing that, by fax or letter (cf. L.121-19 and L.121-19-2 Conso. Code reproduced in art.7). If the deadline is too short for written confirmation, the customer will be informed verbally of his reservation number. In case of reservation by telephone, the Carrier ensures the communication of all informations relating to its reservation as well as those provided for in articles L.121-17, L.111-1 and L.113-3 of the French Consumer Code. The Customer must print his booking confirmation, or be able to present his ticket or voucher, in order to present it to the driver at the time of the transfer. The booking confirmation number communicated to the Customer in the case of a reservation by telephone is sufficient. In the absence of a confirmation or a reservation number, it will not be possible to take charge and the reservation will be considered cancelled at the client’s initiative less than 24 hours before departure. Reservations are taken into account only in return for the payment in full and this before the use of the service.

Modification of reservations

Changes are made by email or telephone, at no extra cost but depending on the remaining places at the time of the change request to Navette Lyon until 24 working hours before the transfer. After this period, modifications are only possible by phone or email. In all cases, modifications are made within the limits of availability at the time of th request. If the alternatives proposed by the Carrier are refused by the Customer, the latter shall have the choice between maintaining its initial reservation or cancelling under the conditions below. Changes are made by email or telephone, at no extra cost, with Navette Lyon up to 24 working hours before the transfer. After this period, modifications are only possible by telephone and give rise to a charge of € 2. In all cases, changes are made within the limits of availability. If the alternatives proposed by the Carrier are refused by the Customer, the latter will have the choice between maintaining his initial reservation, or proceeding with the cancellation under the conditions below.


Cancellations are made by email at or by phone.

The cancellation conditions are as follows: Tickets are non-refundable once the purchase has been made on our website, by phone or by email.

In the event of cancellation of the flight, the Customer may request the postponement of the service within 6 months, providing proof of cancellation of the flight.

In case of non-presentation of the customer at the time of transfer, the transfer will be fully due. In the event that the customer provides incorrect information that made it impossible for the Carrier to carry out the transfer, no refund may be granted.

Any claim or refund request must be made by email and sent to the Carrier within 3 weeks of the transfer date. If necessary, no refund or compensation may be granted.


The Customer can subscribe to the cancellation option for 2 euros including VAT per reservation. This option allows the Customer to benefit from favourable conditions in case of modification or cancellation of reservations as mentioned in the article of the cancellation conditions of these general terms and conditions of sale.

Arrival and departure procedure

Customers are required to comply the arrival and departure procedures detailed in their booking confirmation. If one of the procedures was not respected with by the Customer, on his own initiative, and had the effect of preventing the takeover under the conditions provided for, the transfer is fully due. In shared service, Navette Lyon reserves the right to make schedule adjustments in order to establish the most coherent itinerary to reduce the customer’s journey time as much as possible. The Customer must be ready at the departure time agreed with Navette Lyon in front of the address/location indicated for pick-up. As operating vehicles have a maximum stopping time of 2 minutes, the customer may not hold the Carrier liable in the event of a delay at the pick-up point.


Flight/train delay and/or cancellation

Delay and/or cancellation of flight/train

In the event of a flight/train delay on arrival, Navette Lyon undertakes to find a substitute shuttle but cannot be held responsible for any waiting time. In addition, if the information concerning flight/train references is incorrect or missing, the transfer is entirely due to the Carrier. In the event of cancellation of the flight/train, the Customer may request the postponement of the service, providing proof of cancellation of the flight/train and as defined in the article “Cancellations or refunds of bookings”.


The reception and care of people with reduced mobility equipped with a folding wheelchair are provided by a dedicated Navette Lyon partner to ensure that transfers are made in the best conditions of comfort and safety for passengers. This service is available on request by private shuttle only. To book a suitable vehicle, the reservation must be made by email at at least 72 hours before departure.

If a passenger has a folding wheelchair he must inform Navette Lyon when making the reservation. The drivers of Navette Lyon cannot help a person carry out his transfer. The Customer must therefore ensure that he is accompanied by a person able to help him carry out the transfers at the time of pick-up and final delivery.


Customers are allowed to carry up to 1 piece of luggage without extra cost (The size of the luggage must not exceed the following dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm with a maximum weight of 10 kg.) in addition to their hand luggage. Any additional baggage must be mentioned at the time of booking and will be charged € 3.00 incl. VAT per unit. Customers with oversized baggage not mentioned must pay an extra charge of € 5.00 incl. tax, the authorized clearance is 158 cm cumulative. If the Customer has oversized baggage, he undertakes to inform the Carrier at the time of booking, additional charges will be requested depending on the type of baggage transported. In the event of non-compliance by the Client, the acceptance may be refused and the reservation will be considered as cancelled at the Client’s initiative. In order to guarantee the safety of Customers, baggage must be left in the parts reserved for this purpose; it may not be carried on board the vehicle either on the seats or in the traffic areas. The Customer is fully responsible for the content of his luggage.  Beyond the Carrier’s fault, the latter cannot be held liable for the loss, theft or damage, during loading, transfer and unloading, of the Customer’s baggage. Any item found in a vehicle will be deposited at the registered office of Navette Lyon or, at the latter’s choice, at the nearest lost and found department of its registered office, where the Customer may collect it within 1 (one) year from the date of the transfer concerned. 


Animals are allowed on board if they are placed in suitable cages for their transport and do not pose a threat to the Carrier, other passengers or third parties. Navette Lyon reserves the right to refuse carriage of cage measuring more than 48/32/31 cm (long/wide/high). Guide dogs are accepted at no extra charge on board shuttles, shared and/or private. They must be indicated at the time of booking.


The Carrier has taken out a professional liability insurance policy, as well as an insurance policy covering damage caused by driving the vehicle for any damage that may be caused to a third party, and/or to its passenger. Insurance does not cover luggage or personal effects left on board vehicles (loss, theft, damage, etc.), including those “entrusted” to the driver.


The Carrier undertakes to provide suitable seats for children in accordance with the regulations in force (one baby seat and one booster per vehicle):

  • Child from 0 to 18 kg: baby seat charged 3.00€ VAT extra.
  • Child less than 36 kg: booster is charged 2.00€ incl. tax.

The seat request must be explicitly formulated at the time of booking. If it appears on the day of the transfer that such equipment was necessary without having been foreseen by the Customer, the Carrier may cancel the said transfer under the conditions provided for in the cancellations attributable to the Customer occurring less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the transfer. The Carrier shall be released from any liability in the event of omission or cheating with regard to the age of the children declared by its parents, which shall otherwise be the responsibility of the payer of the tickets.

Vehicles availability

In certain circumstances, the Carrier reserves the right to make available to Customers a replacement vehicle that may not bear the company logo. In the event that the carrier cancels the transfer less than 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time and without having been able to provide a substitute, the carrier undertakes to reimburse the difference in cost between the substitute mode used by the customer and the initial cost of the shuttle upon presentation of an original of the related invoice. The Carrier undertakes to find all possible solutions to ensure that the impact due to the problem is minimal.

Liability of Navette Lyon

The vehicles made available to Customers comply with the technical standards imposed by the French regulations in force. Drivers are required to comply with the provisions prescribed of the Highway Traffic Act, including rules relating to parking, speed limits and the safety of passengers and surrounding vehicles.

The Carrier disclaims all liability for delays that would be due to a majeure force event (and particularly in the event of a strike, demonstration, inclement weather, serious traffic accident disrupting regular traffic, congestion of an unusual size) or attributable to the Customer. These events cannot give rise to any compensation. The Carrier undertakes to reimburse the cost of replacing the ticket (up to 500€ per passenger per flight, 100€ per train ticket, 150€ per hotel night, 20€ for food), upon presentation of an original invoice, if the latter were to miss his flight because of the fault solely attributable to Navette Lyon, on condition that the Customer proves that it was impossible to obtain a refund of the price of the said ticket from the airline, or be offered a replacement flight at no additional cost by the said airline.

The Carrier is subject to an obligation of means with regard to the booking of a transfer. Consequently, Navette Lyon cannot guarantee the availability of a vehicle and cannot be held liable in the event that Navette Lyon has not been able to book the trip requested by the Customer because it has not found an available vehicle corresponding to its wishes. To be taken into account, any complaint must reach the Carrier within a maximum of 3 weeks from the contractual date of the transfer initially agreed by e-mail or postal mail, addressed to the Carrier’s Customer Service whose details are given in Article 11 hereof. After this period, no commercial claim can be taken into consideration.

In shared service on an airport trip to a railway station or station to an airport, the journey time indicated in the reservation is indicative and non-contractual. Finally, the Carrier disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage or theft of cash, banknotes, jewellery and other precious objects, which during the entire course of the transfer remain the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Responsibilities of the customer

The customer is obliged to respect the scheduled times and the arrival and departure procedures stipulated in his booking confirmation. The customer is not authorised to modify the itinerary, addresses and places of pick-up and drop-off given at the time of booking. The customer undertakes to adopt, on board the vehicle, a behaviour that is neither contrary to the rules of common sense nor to compliance with the French laws and regulations in force as mentioned in Article 6 of this Agreement. Any deterioration or degradation of the vehicle will be invoiced for the total amount of necessary repairs. The client is responsible for his/her personal belongings in his custody. He must make sure not to forget anything in the vehicle, in accordance with Article 6. Failure to comply with any of the above-mentioned points shall not be considered as the responsibility of Navette Lyon and shall not give rise to any reimbursement or compensation on its part.

Fare Conditions of Navette Lyon

The prices of Navette Lyon are available on the website: or on the brochures given at the counter. They are expressed in euros, all taxes included. These prices are subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of Navette Lyon, the Carrier guarantees the Customer the rate in force when it begins its registration process.

All customers (including children and babies) are subject to the full rate unless otherwise decided by Navette Lyon. Any minor under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult passenger to board a shuttle, the Carrier reserves the right to refuse a passenger who does not present an identity document to prove his age and reservation.

The child rate, if available, applies to Customers under 12 years of age. Any older Customer is therefore subject to the full rate.

Provisions of the Consumer Code

If the CLIENT is a consumer, the following provisions apply: Article L. 121-18 of the Consumer Code: “Without prejudice to the information provided for in Articles L. 111-1 and L. 113-3 as well as those provided for the application of Article L. 214-1, the contract offer must include the following information: 1° The name of the seller of the product or service provider, telephone details enabling effective contact to be made with him, his address or, in the case of a legal person, his registered office and, if different, the address of the establishment responsible for the offer; 2° Where applicable, delivery costs; 3° Terms of payment, delivery or performance; 4° The existence of a right of withdrawal and its possible limits or, in the event that this right does not apply, the absence of a right of withdrawal 5° The duration of the validity of the offer and its price; 6° The cost of using the means of distance communication used when it is not calculated by reference to the basic rate; 7° Where applicable, the minimum duration of the proposed contract, when it concerns the continuous or periodic supply of a good or service. This information, the commercial nature of which must be unambiguous, shall be communicated to the consumer in a clear and comprehensible manner, by any means appropriate to the means of distance communication used. In the event of canvassing by telephone or any other similar technique, the professional must explicitly indicate at the beginning of the conversation his identity and the commercial nature of the call.” L.121-19 of the Consumer Code: “I. – The consumer must receive, in writing or on another durable medium at his disposal, in good time and at the latest at the time of delivery: 1° Confirmation of the information mentioned in 1° to 4° of Article L. 121-18 and those which appear in addition to Articles L. 111-1 and L. 113-3 as well as those provided for the application of Article L. 214-1, unless the trader has fulfilled this obligation before the conclusion of the contract; 2° Information on the conditions and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal; 3° The address of the supplier’s establishment where the consumer can submit his complaints; 4° Information relating to after-sales service and commercial guarantees; 5° The conditions for terminating the contract when it is for an indefinite period or more than one year. II. – The provisions of this Article shall not apply to services provided at one time by means of a means of distance communication and invoiced by the operator of that means of communication, with the exception of item 3. III. – The means of communication enabling the consumer to monitor the execution of his order, to exercise his right of withdrawal or to exercise the guarantee shall only bear communication costs, excluding any specific additional costs.» Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-4 last paragraph of the Consumer Code, the CLIENT does not benefit from the right of withdrawal: “The provisions of Articles L. 121-18, L. 121-19, L. 121-20[right of withdrawal] and L. 121-20-1 shall not apply to contracts having as their object: 1° The supply of everyday consumer goods made at the consumer’s place of residence or work by distributors making frequent and regular rounds; 2° The provision of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services to be provided on a given date or at a given frequency. The provisions of Articles L. 121-18 and L. 121-19 shall, however, apply to contracts concluded by electronic means where their purpose is to provide the services mentioned in 2°.

Applicable law and competent courts

Only French law is applicable to these general terms and conditions of sale.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation, conclusion and execution of these general terms and conditions of sale and the Carrier’s service shall be submitted to the competent courts in the jurisdiction of Lyon. This clause applies even in the event of summary proceedings, incidental claims, multiple defendants or warranty claims.


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