Shuttle Lyon’s Privacy Policy

Date of last update: 15/04/2019
This Privacy Policy gives you an overview of the processing of your data by Navette Lyon. It applies to all websites of the company and other services and services offered by NAVETTE LYON.
Contact information of the person in charge of the organization:
Mr Marcoux Nans
10 Rue des Frères Louis et Emile Bertrand, 69200 Vénissieux
E-mail :

Activities of the organisation involving the processing of personal data

Shuttle Lyon is a service operated by NAVETTE LYON to carry out the people public road transport.

Which data are processed ?

Shuttle Lyon offers you various services that you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by phone, personally or in any other way and depending on the services you use, various data from different sources are communicated. Almost all the data we process is data that you provide to us when you use our services or when you contact us:
Marital status, surname, first name, company, place of departure and destination, billing address, telephone number, e-mail address, family composition.
We also receive technical data relating to your navigation device and access data that we automatically enter when you interact with our services: IP address, logs, connection identifiers.
This may include information about the terminal you are using, for example. We collect other data anonymously through our data analysis (Google Analytics). Where applicable, we also receive data about you through third parties, such as information agencies and payment service providers.

Are sensitive data processed?

The collection of certain particularly sensitive data is strictly regulated by the DGMP and requires particular vigilance. These are data revealing the alleged racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership of individuals, genetic and biometric data, data concerning the health, sex life or sexual orientation of individuals, data relating to criminal convictions or offences, as well as the unique national identification number (NIR or social security number).
Shuttle Lyon does not process any of this information.

For what purpose are my data used?

Shuttle Lyon processes your data in compliance with all applicable data protection laws. In this respect, we naturally respect the principles of data protection law applicable to the processing of personal data. Therefore, in principle, we only process your data for the purposes indicated in this privacy policy or when entering your data. First and foremost, it concerns the processing of your request, the personalisation of your journey, the development and security of our services. In addition, we use your data within the limits of the strict rules of French and European data protection law.

Websites informations

We use your data to provide the Shuttle Lyon site and provide an ever more efficient user experience. In addition to the terminal data and access data generated each time you use these services, the type of data processed, as well as the purposes of the data processing, depend on how you use the functions and services available through our services. In addition, we use the data generated when using our services to determine how our online offer is used.


We offer you various newsletter services. When you subscribe to a newsletter service, or appear in our customer file, you receive information about our services and products. You can decide at any time to stop receiving our newsletters.

How is my data used for advertising purposes?

Shuttle Lyon does not communicate your personal data under no circumstances to external service providers for advertising purposes, the data is collected solely for the sole purpose of offering the best experience to our users.

To whom my data are transmitted

Shuttle Lyon only transmits your data to the services and providers that allow your request to be processed correctly. In the event that your information needs to be transmitted outside our network, you will be informed in advance.

What are my data protection rights?

In accordance with the law and under the conditions it defines, you have the following data protection rights: right of access (Article 15 DGPS), right of deletion (Article 17 DGPS), right of rectification (Article 16 DGPS), right to restrict data processing (Article 18 DGPS), right to data portability (Article 20 DGPS), right of objection to a data protection supervisory authority (Article 77 DGPS), right of withdrawal of consent (Article 7, paragraph 3 DGPS), as well as right of withdrawal of certain data processing measures (Article 21 DGPS). You will find the necessary contact details for your requests under “Contact persons”.

Are any data transferred outside the European Union

Shuttle Lyon does not transmit any data outside the European Union.

When is my data deleted

Your personal data will remain stored for as long as necessary for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, including for the fulfilment of our contractual and legal obligations. You can access and request the deletion of your personal information at any time by contacting us at

How is my data protected ?

We transmit your personal data by encrypting it. This applies to your order and your customer connection. To this end, we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system. In addition, we secure our websites and other systems with technical and organizational measures against the loss, destruction, access, modification or disclosure of your data by any unauthorized person.

Information about cookies

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, the tracers (cookies or others), Navette Lyon collects by a banner displayed when you first visit our sites. No other cookies or trackers can therefore be placed or read on your device without your clear notice and consent. In accordance with the law, your cookies are stored for a maximum period of 13 months. You can find all the information on this subject on

Changes to this privacy policy and contact persons

As part of the development of our websites and applications, as well as the implementation of new technologies to improve our service to you, changes to this privacy policy may be necessary. We therefore recommend that you review this Privacy Policy as often as necessary. We inform you at the beginning of the text of the update date so that you can appreciate the changes made.
If you have any questions about data protection in the Shuttle Lyon group, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at any time. All you have to do is contact him by mail at