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Campus INSA

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AdressCampus INSA - 20 Avenue Albert Einstein


OccurrenceEvery 45 minutes


DurationAverage of 30 min



How to reach the stop Campus INSA ?

To reach the INSA Lyon Campus, nothing could be easier. It is located at the entrance to INSA Lyon. You can get there by leaving the university but it is also accessible by public transport.

If you want to take the bus, the C17 and C26 can take you to the entrance of the Campus, as well as the T1 tramway, which stops at INSA – Einstein.

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Why the stop Campus INSA ?

We chose to make a stop at the INSA Lyon campus because we have established a partnership with an association there. This association is ACEIMI, an association for students from different branches of the university.

Moreover, the stop is located at the entrance of the campus, which allows all the students of the university to go to the airport from the campus and vice versa more easily.

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