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Shuttle Lyon
Saint-Exupéry Airport

Shuttle Lyon now offers you a brand new alternative to the Rhône Express tramway, which was until now the only way to get to Lyon’s Saint Exupéry airport. Both arrival and departure at the airport, Shuttle Lyon offers shared transfers at all hours of the day and night. Our prices guarantee the best quality/price you can find and brings you at the airport in less than 25 minutes. Several routes have been established in the city so that everyone can use one of our Shuttle Lyon at the foot of his home or at the corner of his street. From now on, there is no need to go to Part-Dieu to take the direction of the Lyon airport anymore. The shuttle also travels back from the airport to the city centre. Drop-off points vary according to the day and night schedules in order to always respect the optimisation of travel times.

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5 reasons to choose our shuttles !

Shuttle Lyon offers you an innovative and revolutionary solution compared to the means of transport already in use in our beautiful city of Lyon. Our team strives to provide the best possible experience for its passengers.

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The New Shuttle Service in Lyon

Navette Lyon is the revolutionary solution for your travels in the Lyon region. Our team has designed a tailor-made service to meet your needs to get to or from Saint Exupéry airport, the Part-Dieu and Perrache TGV stations. Soon our shuttles will take you directly from your hotel with the best possible value for money. Take advantage of several established routes around Lyon and find the one that suits you, our places are limited and coveted! Get around smartly with this new shuttle service in Lyon. Take the time to discover the available Lyon Airport Shuttle stops or contact us for a personalized request. Improve your travel time to the airport with our shuttles that guarantee you an average arrival time of less than 30 minutes at Lyon Saint Exupéry airport!

Our shuttles to the airport

new transport service to the airport has just been launched in Lyon!

Navette Lyon is a brand new transport service for people wanting to join the Lyon Saint Exupéry airport. With several established routes, like the route from Mermoz-Pinel during the day and from Hotel de Ville at night, this shuttle service is the revolutionary and long-awaited solution for your trips between Lyon’s city and its airport. Available 24/7, these shuttles are the answer to your transport problems towards Lyon’s Saint Exupéry airport. You can now join Lyon airport in less than 25 minutes!

An innovative solution compared to the different modes of transport already in place between Saint Exupéry airport and Lyon, Shuttle Lyon is based on 5 aspects of transport that will surely encourage you to board our shuttles.

First of all, these new shuttles from or to the airport are economical. In fact, prices are totally affordable, with Shuttle Lyon there is no need to spend a fortune to get to Lyon airport. The vehicles offered are very comfortable and limit the number of passengers to 8, the quality/price ratio proposed by Shuttle Lyon is therefore very interesting, whether for a single traveller or a group.

Secondly, the stops created for the shuttles have been studied in order to keep a maximum time of 45 minutes for each trip and even 20 minutes from Mermoz – Pinel making our service the fastest to make a connection between Lyon and its airport. By passing through some of the key points of the Lyon metropolis, you now have the guarantee of never being late with Shuttle Lyon. You will have understood it, you no longer need to go to Part-Dieu to reach the Lyon airport, there is necessarily a Shuttle Lyon stop near you !

Then, our shuttles are systematically driven by professionals in passenger transport, who are therefore fully capable of accompanying you in all circumstances. Your safety and serenity are our priorities, which is why there will be no risk of cancellation at the last minute. With Shuttle Lyon, be sure that you will arrive at Saint Exupéry airport or in the heart of the city of Lyon on time and without any problems.

This shuttle service also has an ecological aspect because instead of having 8 people taking their respective cars to the airport and driving back to Lyon on their return, only one vehicle will be mobilized to transport all of these passengers.

Recently, our shuttles also allow travelers to have a pleasant time. Indeed, the Shuttle Lyon transport service can be an opportunity to meet people living in the same city as you, and who knows, maybe meet someone taking the same flight as you !

From now on, it is no longer necessary to take your car to Lyon Saint Exupéry airport, pay a parking at a staggering price, ask someone to take you there or even pay an higher price by taking the Rhône Express on the way there and back. Shuttle Lyon is the new transport service to be taken into account between the city and Saint Exupéry airport.

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How to reach the shuttle when landing at Saint-Exupéry airport ?

Le service de navette partagée Navette Lyon, effectuant la liaison centre-ville - aéroport Saint-Exupéry de jour comme de nuit, dépose et récupère les passagers au parking PR2. Mais où est ce fameux parking réservé aux professionnels ?

Make it your way with Shuttle Lyon!

Whether it is for a flight or to take a train, both work since Navette Lyon drops you off right between the airport and the station, at the PR2 car park.