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What are the differences between the Navette Lyon shuttle service and a taxi service?

The year 2019 marked a turning point in the optimization of travel for the benefit of Lyon’s residents and the many tourists who come to visit the city. There is now a multitude of means of transport available to meet all types of budget and travellers requirements. It is now very easy to get from the city centre to the airport, with buses, trams, shared shuttles, Lyon VTC and taxis to Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport.

The taxi is without doubt the oldest and best known way to get to Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport. Available at any time, the taxi will pick you up at the desired location and take you directly to your home or hotel. This is an advantage that comes at a cost since a taxi generally costs much more than public transport.

What are the similarities between a taxi and Navette Lyon?

Taxis and the Navette Lyon shared shuttle service are two viable solutions for getting to and from Saint-Exupéry Airport day and night.

Did you know that there are some common points between the shared shuttle and the Lyon airport taxi?

First of all, there is safety on board, since each of the two modes of transport is driven by an experienced and trained professional driver. All this in a comfortable vehicle adapted to the service, whether it is a minivan for a family or a group, or a sedan, if it is a single person or a couple.

The journey time between Saint-Exupéry Airport and Lyon city centre is almost the same between the taxi and the shuttle, only the frequencies vary. As a result, a trip between Part-Dieu and the airport will take about 30 minutes by taxi, the shuttle will take exactly the same time if it does not make any other stops to pick up other passengers.

What are the advantages of the Navette Lyon service compared to a taxi?

The Navette Lyon shuttle service offers several stops spread throughout the Lyon metropolis, thus enabling residents of all districts to find an airport transport solution close to home and at the best price. In addition, as previously mentioned, it is also possible to be picked up close to home thanks to the option of the same name set up by Navette Lyon.

The first advantage of the shared shuttle to take into account is ecology. Indeed, the shuttle is likely to take several passengers who do not know each other at the airport. It is therefore more ecological than if each of them used a taxi!

The real advantage of Navette Lyon is the price! About 5 times cheaper than a classic taxi service. Count only 9.99€ to make the Gare Part-Dieu / Airport connection, it’s the cheapest professional service you’ll find between downtown Lyon and Saint-Exupéry Airport.

Opt for a cheaper and just as safe downtown Lyon Airport link with the Navette Lyon service. Departures every hour and at the best price!

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