Nuit à l'aéroport de Lyon

How to get to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at night ?

Access to Lyon airport

The Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, true crossroads of Western Europe, is a place very frequented by the travelers of all horizons and at all hours of the day. Many movements are observed every day, creating a large influx. In the middle of the day, it is very easy to get to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport from the Lyon city center. It is possible to use various means of transport, such as traditional taxi services in Lyon and private drivers, which can sometimes be expensive. There is also the Rhonexpress, a tramway much criticized by its users for its relatively high cost and its constraints of use. To get to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, many people are also starting to use carpooling. Indeed, many employees are proposing to take people to the airport when they go to work, however this significantly reduces the possibilities of carpools to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport since the transfers are offered according to their working schedules.

Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at night

When it comes to going to the Saint-Exupéry airport or coming back in the middle of the night, the available means of transport are much rarer.

Firstly, there is always taxis and private drivers in Lyon that are present to recover travelers right out of the airport terminals. However, their price is much bigger since they are night trips.

Secondly, the Rhonexpress, which makes trips to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport every 15-20 minutes during the day, no longer operates between midnight and 6am. The alternative of public transport like Rhonexpress is therefore to be forgotten, as is carpooling. Indeed, few people working at the Lyon saint-Exupéry airport start or finish their working hours in the middle of the night. Some travelers using a car can sometimes help you in your approach, but travel options and cars are very limited.

This is how most people landing at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport late at night, often wonder what to do and how they’ll reach the city center since they can’t rely on public transports.

Van aéroport

The new Shuttle Lyon service

The new Shuttle Lyon service proposes to take and brings passengers from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at any time, day or night, with a service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Shuttle Lyon vehicles are now able to recover or bring travelers from the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport to the Gerland Stadium, Perrache train station and the Hotel de Ville during the night hours, from 10pm to 6am : Shuttle Lyon night offer.

Shuttle Lyon will eventually offer several shuttle routes covering the entire agglomeration of Lyon. Thus, users can take the direction of Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport directly down from their home !

In addition, these shared shuttles will offer a significant comfort for all passengers and for a lower cost compared to there services such as the Rhonexpress, taxis or private drivers. With shuttles available every hour at each meeting point, Shuttle Lyon is the new service you need to get to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport on time.

Hotel de Ville - Opéra

From 10pm to 6am, starting at 12,99€.

From 10pm to 6am, starting at 11,99€.

From 10pm to 6am, starting at 10,99€.