Summer 2022 offer of shared shuttle Lyon intramuros & Villeurbanne – Saint Exupéry Airport

Shuttle Lyon, a personalized service and offer

Navette Lyon offers a personalized service to each passenger in order to guarantee the best possible experience during trips between Lyon and Saint-Exupéry airport.

Our team has imagined and created an offer that allows our passengers to be at the heart of the service. Our will is to provide a shared shuttle solution at the best price while guaranteeing professional services, and this with a view to offering maximum peace of mind and establishing a bond of trust with the various users.

The shuttles between Lyon and the airport are now available 24/7 and only with online reservation at least 12 hours in advance. This on-demand service cannot be used immediately. When you book your plane ticket, we strongly invite you to block a seat in one of our vehicles in order to start your trip much more serenely.

Which areas are served by the shuttle in Lyon & Villeurbanne?

The price of a shared shuttle ticket between Lyon and Saint-Exupéry airport varies depending on where you live, and more specifically on your pick-up or drop-off point. For this summer 2022, we have set up 7 shuttle stops from downtown Lyon and Villeurbanne. These stops are each located in specific areas indicating where you can pick up at home or at a point of interest. Our service now operates 24 hours a day on all these stops.

Our shared shuttle service leaves day and night from the 01 district via the Hôtel de Ville stop, 02 via the Perrache train station, 03 via the Part-Dieu train station, 06 via the Charpennes stop which represents a crossroads with the Villeurbanne area. Lyon 07 is served via the Gerland stop, located right in front of the Ninkasi. Lyon 08 is served via the Mermoz Pinel stop, where you can pick up your car at the carpool parking lot at the metro exit. Villeurbanne is served by the Campus INSA stop, which facilitates the connection to the airport for many students.

So there is necessarily a stop or drop-off point near you, and this proximity associated with this price list has never been observed before in Lyon and Villeurbanne. We come to bring a solution to the numerous inhabitants the access to the Saint-Exupéry airport, which according to many returns during various surveys, is not accessible enough and represents a constraint to go there.

Of course, our service also works in the direction of the airport towards the city center, the time slots are also identical.

Shuttle Perrache – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

The price of a Perrache – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport shuttle ticket is 17€. But you can benefit from special offers if you book in advance or if you are the first person to reserve a seat on the shuttle.

This route is available 24 hours a day.

This shuttle provides trips to the airport during the night hours, which can be interesting for travelers arriving late or whose flight takes off very early in the morning.

Included in this price is:

– The guarantee of having a seat in the vehicle at the chosen time.
– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in approximately 35 minutes.
– A central drop-off at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

The Perrache train station is one of the most important nerve centers in the Lyon metropolitan area, where several public transportation networks, including the metro, tramway and bus, are concentrated. The station welcomes nearly 500,000 visitors per month from the largest cities in France, as well as from the capital. The freeway passing under the station allows our shuttles to reach Saint-Exupéry airport quite quickly.

Shuttle Hotel de Ville – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

The fare for a Hôtel de Ville – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport shuttle ticket is 17€. The earlier you book your shuttle ticket, the more discount you will get.

In this price is included :

– The guarantee to have a seat on board the vehicle at the chosen time.
– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in approximately 40 minutes.
– A central drop-off at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

The Place des Terreaux – Hotel de Ville is one of the most famous places in Lyon. This large square on which the Hôtel de Ville is located is in the heart of the 1st district of Lyon, on the peninsula between the Saône and the Rhône, at the foot of the Croix-Rousse hill. This place is quite well served by numerous bus lines as well as by two metro lines. This point of service is therefore interesting for travelers from the west of Lyon, who are no longer obliged to go to Part-Dieu in order to reach Saint-Exupéry airport.

Shuttle Part-Dieu – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

The price of a Part-Dieu – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport shuttle ticket is 15€. This route is available 24 hours a day.

This shuttle provides trips to the airport as early as 3am, which can be interesting for travelers whose flight takes off very early in the morning.

In this price is included:

– The guarantee to have a vehicle at the chosen time.
– The guarantee of having a seat in the vehicle.
– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in about 30 minutes.
– A central drop-off point at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

The Part-Dieu train station and district is without a doubt the most important meeting point in the Lyon area, as it concentrates several public transport networks, metro, tramway and bus. The station welcomes nearly 30 million passengers a year from the largest cities in France and Europe.

Charpennes – Lyon Saint Exupéry airport shuttle

The price of a Charpennes – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport shuttle ticket is 15€.

In this price is included :

– The guarantee to have a seat on board the vehicle at the chosen time.
– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in 30 minutes.
– A central drop-off point at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

Like the Vaulx La Soie stop, Charpennes is a nerve center for Lyon’s public transportation system. It is one of the best served places in the city. There are several subways, several tramways as well as several buses passing through this stop and going in all directions, whether it is towards the west, the south or the north! It is therefore the ideal meeting point for the whole population of Lyon.

Shuttle Gerland – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

The price of a shuttle ticket Stade de Gerland – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is 15 €. This route is also available day and night.

This shuttle provides trips to the airport all day long, it can be interesting for people working in Gerland where many large companies are located. You are a professional, you can also reduce your costs with our service.

In this price is included :

– The guarantee to have a seat on board the vehicle at the chosen time.
– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in about 30 minutes.
– A central drop-off at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

The Gerland Stadium is a well-known place for the people of Lyon, as it is the former soccer stadium of the Olympique Lyonnais, which today hosts the Lou Rugby matches. It is therefore a meeting place often frequented by the inhabitants of Lyon. The Gerland stop is accessible via the metro line B which also connects to Jean Macé and Part-Dieu stations, also important points of Lyon’s life and traffic.

Shuttle Mermoz Pinel – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

The basic price of a shuttle ticket Mermoz Pinel – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is 13 €.

In this price is included :

– The guarantee to have a seat on board the vehicle at the chosen time.

– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in less than 20 minutes.

– A central drop-off at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

This itinerary is available from 3am to 1am.

To reach Mermoz Pinel it is very simple and very fast from the center of Lyon, the journey takes maximum 15 minutes by metro. It is also possible to get there by tramway via the T6. Mermoz Pinel is also an interesting meeting point for people living outside Lyon. It is for example possible to park your car in this district and then to take our shuttles a few steps away from the parking.

Shuttle INSA Campus – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

The price of a shuttle ticket Campus INSA – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is from 13€.

In this price is included :

– The guarantee to have a seat on board the vehicle at the chosen time.

– The guarantee to arrive at the airport in 25 minutes.

– A central drop-off at the airport allowing passengers to quickly reach each terminal.

As one of the major science schools in Lyon, INSA is bordered by the T1 tramway line which allows you to reach the Gare de Lyon Part Dieu or Perrache. This makes its location a strategic point for any traveler wishing to optimize his or her transportation costs to get to the center of Lyon. There are many free public parking lots near this stop, allowing everyone to park easily. If you want to reduce the cost of getting to Saint-Exupéry airport, this is the best and cheapest solution. Moreover, it is also the fastest way to reach Lyon airport with very few traffic jams.
To reach the INSA Campus it is very simple and fast from the center of Lyon. The journey takes a maximum of 15 minutes by tramway from Part Dieu Station or 30 minutes from Perrache Station. Thus, you can reach Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at the best price and as quickly as possible.

Shuttle Lyon, a solution for everyone

Our deployed stops available for booking allow all Lyon residents to reach Lyon Saint Exupéry airport at the best price, as quickly as possible and with a certified service guarantee. Our team is already working to offer you solutions even closer to your home in order to share the space of a shuttle with always the same objective: guarantee the best price for the best experience.

Economique Confort Sécurité Simplicité

We are proud to be able to offer all these unique services to our passengers on a daily basis. This service is very strict in the respect of the schedules chosen in order to guarantee a maximum efficiency in the execution of our mission. Unfortunately, we will never be responsible if a passenger is late and misses his or her shuttle to Lyon airport. On the other hand, our teams will do their best to always propose an alternative solution, but this one could incur an additional cost.


How to reach the shuttle when landing at Saint-Exupéry airport ?

The Shuttle Lyon shared shuttle service, which runs between the city center and Saint-Exupéry airport day and night, now drops off and picks up passengers in front of the NH hotel.
How to reach the shuttle from the different terminals and the Saint-Exupéry train station?

To reach the NH hotel, it is very easy, the stop is not even 3 minutes walk from terminals T1 A & B and T2.

The NH hotel parking lot is a convenient drop-off point, as it is clearly indicated at the exit of the terminals and in the hall of the Saint-Exupéry TGV station. Don’t panic if you missed the sign, the staff of the airport and the train station will be able to show you the direction and the way.

Otherwise, you can also, and we strongly advise you to do so, use the itinerary button that we have set up at the bottom of the page, which will send you directly to Google Maps with the pedestrian route mode that will guide you step by step to the shuttle.

From terminal 1 A and B, you have to go to the NH Hotel, located right in front of it. It couldn’t be quicker.

The NH parking lot is a space where any type of vehicle can go, so there may also be cabs or vtc lyon parked on this space. The meeting point of the shuttle is located, it is quite easy to locate the shuttle.

The users must be present ten minutes before the announced departure of the shuttle, since the driver waits only a few minutes on the parking lot, in order to keep a good rotation of the shuttles between the city center of Lyon and its airport.

Make it your way with Shuttle Lyon!

The Navette Lyon service makes it easier for you to reach your loved ones during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Perhaps you are planning to join your family far from the Lyon region and to do so, you need to take a flight or a train to the airport or the Saint-Exupéry station.

Navette Lyon is a transport alternative offered to travellers and people from Lyon to reach the airport and the Saint-Exupéry train station.
Whether it is for a flight or to take a train, both work since Navette Lyon drops you off right between the airport and the station, at the PR2 car park.

We have made time and cost estimates for you, to show that it is sometimes good to change your transport habits. Navette Lyon offers you a new way to get to Saint-Exupéry.

In collaboration with Lyon’s public transport network TCL, we have set up several shuttle routes allowing us to pick up passengers arriving from the various metro and tramway lines in Lyon. Just to combine business with pleasure.

From any district, we have an interesting solution to take passengers to Lyon airport. Save time and money by getting on board our shared shuttle, with departures every hour or so from your favourite stops. Here are some examples:

Getting to Bellecour from the airport or Vice Versa

Take Navette Lyon from the PR2 car park located a few metres from the airport terminals. Choose Mermoz as the shuttle arrival point, the drop-off point is right next to the Mermoz Pinel metro stop. All you have to do is get off and take the metro D to Bellecour. The price of a metro ticket is 1€90, if you are not already a subscriber to Lyon’s transport system. We let you appreciate the ratio of travel time/price on the visual below.


Getting to the airport from Confluence

Getting to Part-Dieu from Confluence is quite long, at least 25 minutes by tram, and can be a hassle during rush hour, especially if you have a suitcase. The lack of space in the transport system and the fear of being late can be a source of additional stress, not ideal when you have a train or a plane to catch.
This is why we are now able to offer our users two Lyon Shuttle solutions close to this point of interest.
If you work near the Confluence shopping centre or in Sainte-Blandine, it is probably best to take our Shuttle from the Place des Archives, located right next to Perrache Station.
On the other hand, if you work in the area of the Musée des Confluences or the Halle Tony Garnier, opt for our Gerland stop instead.
In both cases, you will save precious time and have a certain peace of mind, since the time spent in transport will be much less far and constraining.


Getting to the airport from Villeurbanne Est – Gratte-Ciel

Dear Villeurbanne residents, we have also thought of you, if you live near the metro A or T3. Take the shuttle bus from the Vaulx en Velin la Soie stop located just a few steps from the metro station. You will save money, and you will discover our services at the same time.

As you can see, we have a stop that will suit you and make your life easier. Don’t hesitate to contact us or to browse the Navette Lyon website to find out more about our service, we are at your disposal. If you are already convinced, all you have to do is book your shuttle on our Booking Navette Lyon platform. Benefit from a discount code of -15% on your first journey with our services.


Find the route that suits you best by consulting our stops and our regularly updated Lyon Shuttle map.


Book your shuttle in a few clicks from our booking platform. Enter the time of your choice, we operate 24 hours a day.

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navette vs taxi lyon

What are the differences between the Navette Lyon shuttle service and a taxi service?

The year 2019 marked a turning point in the optimization of travel for the benefit of Lyon’s residents and the many tourists who come to visit the city. There is now a multitude of means of transport available to meet all types of budget and travellers requirements. It is now very easy to get from the city centre to the airport, with buses, trams, shared shuttles, Lyon VTC and taxis to Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport.

The taxi is without doubt the oldest and best known way to get to Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport. Available at any time, the taxi will pick you up at the desired location and take you directly to your home or hotel. This is an advantage that comes at a cost since a taxi generally costs much more than public transport.

What are the similarities between a taxi and Navette Lyon?

Taxis and the Navette Lyon shared shuttle service are two viable solutions for getting to and from Saint-Exupéry Airport day and night.

Did you know that there are some common points between the shared shuttle and the Lyon airport taxi?

First of all, there is safety on board, since each of the two modes of transport is driven by an experienced and trained professional driver. All this in a comfortable vehicle adapted to the service, whether it is a minivan for a family or a group, or a sedan, if it is a single person or a couple.

The journey time between Saint-Exupéry Airport and Lyon city centre is almost the same between the taxi and the shuttle, only the frequencies vary. As a result, a trip between Part-Dieu and the airport will take about 30 minutes by taxi, the shuttle will take exactly the same time if it does not make any other stops to pick up other passengers.

What are the advantages of the Navette Lyon service compared to a taxi?

The Navette Lyon shuttle service offers several stops spread throughout the Lyon metropolis, thus enabling residents of all districts to find an airport transport solution close to home and at the best price. In addition, as previously mentioned, it is also possible to be picked up close to home thanks to the option of the same name set up by Navette Lyon.

The first advantage of the shared shuttle to take into account is ecology. Indeed, the shuttle is likely to take several passengers who do not know each other at the airport. It is therefore more ecological than if each of them used a taxi!

The real advantage of Navette Lyon is the price! About 5 times cheaper than a classic taxi service. Count only 9.99€ to make the Gare Part-Dieu / Airport connection, it’s the cheapest professional service you’ll find between downtown Lyon and Saint-Exupéry Airport.

Opt for a cheaper and just as safe downtown Lyon Airport link with the Navette Lyon service. Departures every hour and at the best price!

Shuttle Lyon Stops
Shuttle Lyon Booking
Rhône Express à Villeurbanne

Shuttle Lyon, the alternative to the Rhonexpress

The Lyon Part-Dieu train station and Saint-Exupéry airport are the two biggest transport hubs in the Lyon region, they welcome the majority of travelers and tourists who come and go from the city of Lyon or its surroundings.

Today there are several means of transport to get to Saint-Exupéry airport by departing from Lyon Part-Dieu train station, but this has not always been the case in the history of the city of Lyon…

The Rhônexpress offer

Rhonexpress is a regular departure from the Part-Dieu train station and Saint-exupéry airport between 6am and 8pm, being announced every 15 minutes it is important to count on a passage every half hour. The first departure of the tramway is at 4:25am and the last departure leaves the platform at midnight, if your flight is delayed and you arrive after midnight, you will not have too many solutions. You will not find any Rhonexpress tramway between 00:30 and 4:20 in the morning, whether from Part-Dieu, Vaulx-en-Velin, Meyzieu ZI or from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport.

Very few possibilities are offered to travelers in terms of stops, since it is possible to reach the airport from Part-Dieu trainstation, Vaulx-en-Velin and Meyzieu ZI. However, the fare from these three different stops remains the same : 16,30€ per person and 20,30€ if the ticket is purchased on board the vehicle. The tramway also works the other way, to get back from the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. The stops served are the same as for the outward and the exorbitant price also, if there is one thing that the Rhonexpress does, it’s not gifts.

Price difference Rhônexpress – Shuttle Lyon

Stops servedRhônexpressShuttle Lyon
Part-Dieu16,30 €9,99 €
Vaulx-en-Velin16,30 €9,99 €
Meyzieu ZI16,30 €6,99 €

Get to the airport cheaper with Shuttle Lyon

Shuttle Lyon does not offer a single route to get to the airport but several areas where our shuttles can pick you up and head for the Saint-Exupéry airport and vice versa. Among the stopping points we can find Part-Dieu, Charpennes, Vaulx-en-Velin, Mermoz-Pinel and Meyzieu. At night the stopping points are different since we serve Hotel de Ville, Perrache Place des Archives and Stade de Gerland. However, if you have the slightest need, do not hesitate to call us and explain your needs. We will propose a solution adapted to your needs.

In addition to getting you closer to your home, our shuttles have many advantages.

Firstly, the Shuttle Lyon service welcomes its passengers in high-end vehicles specially adapted for the transport of passengers. With our 7-seater Mercedes type minivans, you can enjoy the ride to and from the airport in a clean and comfortable vehicle. Our vehicles can be sedans, the goal is to offer the best experiences while optimizing our expenses. Conducted by professional and experienced drivers, Shuttle Lyon guarantees you a safe journey and an arrival at your destination at the estimated time.

Van aéroport

Secondly, we wanted to be totally available for our passengers. This is why our shuttles leave every hour from Lyon to reach the Saint-Exupéry airport and vice versa, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Then, Shuttle Lyon is today, the cheapest and fastest way to reach Lyon city at Saint-Exupéry airport. According to our passengers, we have the best quality/price ratio currently available within Lyon in terms of city center/airport link with a travel time that is similar to the Rhônexpress.

A Shuttle Lyon necessarily stops near your home because we guarantee 8 drop points in total on our various courses. We also offer an option to pick up our passengers directly at home, this is ideal for a controlled and serene holiday, moreover the price of the shuttle is cheaper than a taxi or a private driver.

Shuttle Lyon service

Unlike other means of transport available to Saint-Exupéry airport, our shuttles are able to take you or bring you back from the airport during night hours,  if you flight was delayed or during a scheduled takeoff at dawn. The Shuttle Lyon team puts everything in place so that our passengers are as calm as possible during their trips to the airport or to return home after a long journey.

For stops available at night, you will find Perrache – Place des Archives, Stade de Gerland, Hotel de Ville and of course the Part-Dieu district. Regarding the stops during the day, you can use our shuttles from Charpennes, Vaulx-en-Velin, Meyzieu ZI, Mermor-Pinel and also the Part-Dieu district.

Shuttle Lyon Booking

Rhonexpress and its history

The Saint-Exupéry airport has long suffered from poor public transport since it was inaugurated in 1975 despite the imposing work of art covering the airport station. The public transport connection between the airport and the city center has been a subject of many studies and projects for several years. Finally it was decided that it would be a tramway that would cross 4 municipalities (Lyon, Vaulx-en-Velin, Meyzieu to finish with Colombier-saugnieu, where is the international Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport). The tramway project was validated during 2007, and after more than 2 years of hard work, it was commissioned. Since 9 August 2010, the Rhonexpress tramway has made it possible to connect Part-Dieu train station and the international Lyon Saint-exupéry airport in about half an hour. However, travel by public transport to the Part-Dieu trainstation easily add 15 to 30 minutes on the journey time depending on the place of residence, it can even be higher.

Rhônexpress and Lyon people

Firstly, you need to know that so far, the Rhonexpress had no competition, so, if a traveler did not have a vehicle or someone to take him to the airport, he was obliged to take the Rhonexpress tramway, which still displaces many visitors today and more widely to the population of Lyon since its cost is considered exorbitant. This problem is so important that the removal by a relative represent 65% of the movement at the Saint-Exupéry airport (source : Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport).

In addition, this solution is nevertheless quite expensive and the price/quality ratio is not at the rendez-vous if we look at the opinions left by users. Indeed, this tramway is quite badly considered by its users, who are many to complain, first about the price of the ticket, which is currently the most expensive in Europe for a city center – airport link, but also the quality of service, which is usually not up to the challenge if we collect the testimonials of users on internet (Google’s rating of Rhonexpress at the Saint-Exupéry airport is 1,9/5 according to a hundred user reviews).

Indeed, many users complain about the service offered, whether inside or outside the tramway. A return ticket costs more than thirty euros per person, which can be very expensive when traveling with somebody or just with your family. For information, the cost of a taxi or a private driver is 100€ for family of 5 people from Lyon with the advantage of being recovered at home contrary to the Rhonexpress and the obligation to travel to Part-Dieu trainstation. The Rhonexpress is also judged by the fact that this mean of transport has no competition and therefore in the case where a user does not have a vehicle, he is obliged to take the Rhonexpress tramway. Many users have complained that there is a little or no indication at the exit of the tramway when arriving at the airport, however since this Year, 2019, the airport seems to set up new things. This proves to be a problem when we think of the many foreign visitors and travelers arriving for the first time in Lyon not knowing where to go to reach the terminals of the airport or conversely to join this express tramway to the Part-Dieu train station.

It is frequently heard that the officers on board are not all understanding the problems that may occur with certain tickets but also the lack of follow-up by the airline when delays or cancellations occur, it does not have a telephone customer service. To get an idea, the Rhonexpress service is currently rated with a score of 2/5 on TripAdvisor and 1,9/5 on Google.

TCL et RhônExpress
Nuit à l'aéroport de Lyon

How to get to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at night ?

Access to Lyon airport

The Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, true crossroads of Western Europe, is a place very frequented by the travelers of all horizons and at all hours of the day. Many movements are observed every day, creating a large influx. In the middle of the day, it is very easy to get to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport from the Lyon city center. It is possible to use various means of transport, such as traditional taxi services in Lyon and private drivers, which can sometimes be expensive. There is also the Rhonexpress, a tramway much criticized by its users for its relatively high cost and its constraints of use. To get to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, many people are also starting to use carpooling. Indeed, many employees are proposing to take people to the airport when they go to work, however this significantly reduces the possibilities of carpools to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport since the transfers are offered according to their working schedules.

Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at night

When it comes to going to the Saint-Exupéry airport or coming back in the middle of the night, the available means of transport are much rarer.

Firstly, there is always taxis and private drivers in Lyon that are present to recover travelers right out of the airport terminals. However, their price is much bigger since they are night trips.

Secondly, the Rhonexpress, which makes trips to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport every 15-20 minutes during the day, no longer operates between midnight and 6am. The alternative of public transport like Rhonexpress is therefore to be forgotten, as is carpooling. Indeed, few people working at the Lyon saint-Exupéry airport start or finish their working hours in the middle of the night. Some travelers using a car can sometimes help you in your approach, but travel options and cars are very limited.

This is how most people landing at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport late at night, often wonder what to do and how they’ll reach the city center since they can’t rely on public transports.

Van aéroport

The new Shuttle Lyon service

The new Shuttle Lyon service proposes to take and brings passengers from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport at any time, day or night, with a service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Shuttle Lyon vehicles are now able to recover or bring travelers from the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport to the Gerland Stadium, Perrache train station and the Hotel de Ville during the night hours, from 10pm to 6am : Shuttle Lyon night offer.

Shuttle Lyon will eventually offer several shuttle routes covering the entire agglomeration of Lyon. Thus, users can take the direction of Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport directly down from their home !

In addition, these shared shuttles will offer a significant comfort for all passengers and for a lower cost compared to there services such as the Rhonexpress, taxis or private drivers. With shuttles available every hour at each meeting point, Shuttle Lyon is the new service you need to get to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport on time.

Hotel de Ville - Opéra

From 10pm to 6am, starting at 12,99€.

From 10pm to 6am, starting at 11,99€.

From 10pm to 6am, starting at 10,99€.